As we spend more of our lives online, we are creating a volume of content that is unprecedented. In a world where everyone can be a publisher and a broadcaster, we are documenting our personal and professional lives on the web with photos, videos, blog posts, status updates, forum discussions, reviews, and snippets of day-to-day life that can be mundane, funny and deeply personal. We’re creating online relationships, building friendships – independent of geography – out of a constant stream of ambient familiarity.

Death and Digital Legacy is a subject with many touch points in today’s online world. Here are just some of the areas that I can address in this topic:

  • What should you consider about your digital legacy today?
  • What are the business implications of death online?
  • How is technology changing the mourning process?
  • How do families deal with a digital legacy?
  • What are the policies of the online services?
  • Who owns your content after you’ve passed on?
  • What policies do online services have for digital legacy?

My sessions use real stories of people and events to illustrate each scenario, and are presented with respect and care to both the subject matter and the impact on the audience. Each session contains practical and tangible information that people can relate to and act upon. This is a diverse topic with no single solution, but rather a variety of approaches. If time allows, discussion is encouraged.

Upon request, I am happy to customize the presentation to include information relevant to your specific audience and area of concentration.

Please contact me at Adele |at| DeathAndDigitalLegacy |dot| com for more information.


After a busy schedule in the first six months of 2010, I’m taking a break for the summer. Check back in the fall for more dates.


Podcamp Montreal
September 11 – 12, 2010

Presentation Video


Podcasters Across Borders

June 18 to 20, 2010


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OGS-simcoe co

Ontario Genealogical Society,

Simcoe County Branch, Barrie, ON

June 5, 2010

webcom Montréalwebcom

May 26, 2010



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mesh conference

mesh conference

May 18 & 19, 2010



Presentation video (coming soon)

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Why everyone needs to appoint a digital executor before they die Financial Post

Marketwire (coming soon)

Get ‘porn buddy’ to clean up your digital debris when you die, itBusiness.ca

My favourite session was Adele McAlear’s session on Death and Digital Legacy Blog TO

Montrealer Adele McAlear hel a unique session about Death and Digital Legacy Metro.ca Toronto


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Ignite Montreal

Ignite! Montreal

March 2, 2010


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Presentation slides

Presentation photos 1, 2, 3


…to the useful, like Adele McAlear’s what happens to all your online user accounts after you die.” Montreal Gazette



IABC Montreal

February 24, 2010


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Updates coming…


Updates coming…

PCTO10 120x60PodCamp Toronto

February 20 & 21, 2010

Session description

Promo: Audio interview with John Meadows


Presentation slides

Presentation video

Presentation photos 1, 2, 3


Adele’s presentation was very professional and she covered a lot of ground in the short time allocated.” Dandelion Web

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Speaker Rating & Comments

More updates coming…


Ignite! Ottawa

List of speakers

November 12, 2009


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Presentation video


Talk to your friends and family today” Tech Vibes

scary but necessary” One Mann’s Thoughts, Kneale Mann


you’re a heck of presenter on an important topic” @Isfan

Really gave me something to think about!!” @sluedee

podcampMTL logo

PodCamp Montreal

September 19 & 20, 2009


Presentation slides

Presentation outline September 18, 2009

Presentation recap, September 23, 2009

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Audio interview with Daniele Rossi

As an entrepreneur it’s an important topic to consider…” Sprouter Blog, Erin Bury

« elle a porté à notre attention des questions que l’on doit se poser en tant qu’usagers des premières lignes des médias sociaux. » MA14.com, Mélanie Millette (Google English translation.)

It was a great presentation, and we also had a great discussion during the session…“, Poke the Bear, John Meadows

« Les politiques d’utilisation des réseaux sociaux varient et sont souvent difficiles à trouver en ce qui concerne les cas de décès. » Branchez-vous Blogosphère, Josianne Massé, Part 1 La mort, et après? (Google English translation.)

« Certains disent ouvertement qu’ils souhaitent disparaître de l’Internet lorsqu’ils seront morts. » Branchez-vous Blogosphère, Josianne Massé, Part 2 Testament numérique (Google English translation.)

« Nous nous rassemblons toujours pour pleurer, mais on peut être chacun à l’autre bout de la planète. » Montréal Campus, Naël Shiab (Google English translation.)


Discussing the need to appoint a ‘Digital Executor’ Great presentation by @adelemcalear.” @missrogue

This is one of the most unique & thought-provoking sessions I’ve ever been to at a Podcamp” @erin_bury

Yeah…dave’s right, you pretty much nailed it. You are now the guru of one of the biggest discussion points ever” @nickianitti

@SuzeMuse Agreed. Always enjoy @adelemcalear’s sessions” @davefleet

.@adelemcalear is a terrific speaker. Death and digital legacy. Fascinating topic and one we should be taking about more.” @SuzeMuse

you are a great presenter and congratulate you on taking on a important topic.” @isfan

it is awesome to hear people taking on tough subjects and nailing it. really got me thinking” @isfan

Absolutely loved your session at #pcmtl. Found it very moving and thought-provoking” @dallasllama

… most thought-provoking presentation and discussion on Death & Digital Legacy at #pcmtl” @zoonini

great presentation and discussion!!” @JohnMeadows

… your presentation was thought provoking.” @MolsonDouglas

…Many intereogations, great discussion!” @MaudCJ

Merci pour vos présentations au #pcmtl. Du très bon!” @bluteau

very lively, hope she’ll give us hints on how to organise our after death digital presence” @sdeclomesnil

I thought executing a regular will and deciding on organ donation was more than enough. Looks like I need to think about digital executors.” @AnnaG

Social Media + Death. As society learns to deal with the first, it also needs to learn to deal with the two together.” @RickWeiss

Death and social media may seem creepy, but when my mum died there I was using social media to notify family and friends of details.” @AnnaG

Looking foward to “Death and Digital Legacy in Social Media” at #pcmtl It’s been on my mind for a while now…” @marcboivin