Share Your Story

Everyone has a story.

I want to hear yours.

Each personal story I hear helps to raise questions to explore and attempt to answer. From business issues such as copyright, legal matters and security to societal concerns about heritage, the preservation of history and the right to privacy, digital legacy touches us all. Collecting stories about the relationship between death, social media and technology helps to drive this important research.

Here are some sample questions:

  • Have you lost a family member and sought to gain access to their online accounts? What happened? Did you resolve it?
  • Did a friend or member of your online community pass away? How did you mourn their loss? Did the family interact with online friends?
  • Are you a developer building the architecture of the next great social service? Do you have any thoughts about building in mechanisms to preserve or delete accounts after a member has died?
  • Are you a lawyer or notary and are grappling with the strain the fast pace of technology developments has placed on the legal system? Are you concerned about copyright transfer when third-party services are hosting your client’s content?
  • Do you look at digital legacy from the perspective of a historian or genealogist? What kind of content would you like to see preserved for future research?
  • Is your business catering to this market? How has technology improved or created challenges for your business and how are you adapting?

Have something YOUR mind? Let me know.

Thanks for sharing.